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About Joanne

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Digestive wellness

Sports nutrition

Mental health

Healthy cooking 


My Story


My passion for health was rekindled when my daughter started suffering from stomach aches  and headaches as a young child so I threw myself into research and eventually became a registered holistic nutritionist. 

I'm fascinated by non-prescription sources of health including nutrition, exercise, sleep, I'm a big fan of essential oils due to their various health applications as well as microcurrent technology. 

I'm a certified Level 1 Volleyball coach, played volleyball for over 30 years and coached with the Ottawa Maverick Volleyball club for 5 years where I developed a sports nutrition program by age group.


My newest passion is gardening! I've been expanding my home garden to allow my family to benefit from home-grown organic fruits and vegetables, and recently added a dome to extend Ottawa's limited growing season. 

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